Taxis at the Airport

After arriving by plane, it is best to purchase a taxi from INSIDE the airport. There are also taxi stands outside the airport but it's not recommend because sometimes they try to sell you time shares or other promotions. 

To book a taxi inside the airport
When you come out of customs before you exit the airport, you will see a the taxi customer service booth on the right side.  Just tell them you are going to Porto Ixtapa. They will know where that it is. It is a flat fee and quite expensive, usually $495 pesos (for up up to 4 people) to take a cab from the airport. Depending on the currency conversion rate, the taxi fee can be anywhere from $35-45 US dollars. The high rate is due to the fact that the airport charges a tariff to the taxis to be able to access the airport. The trip from the airport to our place is less than 5 miles but can take about 20-30 minutes to get there due to traffic and how slow the taxi drivers have to drive due to the condition of the roads. 

When you take a cab back to the airport upon your departure, the fee will cost less because the taxi does not have to pay a tariff to drop you off. 

The Sharky Boat

A free 3 minute free boat ride every hour (until 6:30pm) in our club boat to the other side of the marina, where you find a nautical ambiance promenade with restaurants and shops and a public entrance to the beach just crossing the street. Ixtapa stores, boutiques, restaurants and bars are a 5 minute walk from that point.

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